Like you always say - it's all about incentives. Indeed, getting a stable paycheck each month may seem comfortable, but the reality is, it puts you to sleep. Literally. It makes you a zombie, where you keep existing in this endless Groundhog Day doing the same thing over and over out of habit. And you don't even have the incentive to grow, because you have this "stability." At some point, you realize you want to change something, but you've been so conditioned to desire this "safety" and "comfort" that you are too scared to attempt to break out of it. Or rather, you are afraid you will lose this safety if you try to break out.

In reality, nothing feels better than finally snapping out of this lethargic, robotic state of doing "comfortable" things on repeat and finally trying to do something that you're really passionate about. I picked up writing again and this is the most alive I have felt in the past decade - and I am not exaggerating.

A recovering investment professional. Reflecting on experience to live a better life. Talk to me:

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